The Great Bungee Cord - Fully Adjustable Bungee Cord

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Home Improvement Projects

The Great Bungee is the perfect solution for securing items you are using for home improvement projects. (more…)

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Secure Storage Items

I just used three Great Bungees to organize and secure all of my storage items in my garage. (more…)

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Use The Great Bungee When Traveling

The adjustable Great Bungee is great for securing your valuable bicycles to your vehicle. (more…)

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Secure Your Load

The large hook on The Great Bungee fits around a 1” diameter object such as a roof rack, bike rack or other objects that need securing. The hooks are also great to hook together to secure your load.

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Safe, Durable, and Adjustable

The Great Bungee is a new adjustable bungee cord. Bungee cords are a leading cause for serious eye injury because the elastic cords can recoil at 90 kilometers per hour. The Great Bungee comes with a gated clip to secure the hook to your load. The Lock & Release bottom allow for the bungee cord to be adjusted with a simple click.

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